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TryHackMe Walkthrough: Network Security Protocols

TryHackMe Walkthrough: Network Security Protocols

A network security protocol specifies how two devices, or more precisely processes, communicate with each other.

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A network protocol is a pre-defined set of rules and processes to determine how data is transmitted between devices, such as end-user devices, networking devices, and servers. The fundamental objective of all protocols is to allow machines to connect and communicate seamlessly, regardless of any difference in their internal design, structure, logic, or operation. In analogy, a networking protocol is like a “common language” that helps make communication possible among people with different native languages and from various parts of the globe.

Learning Objective

In this room, we will learn primary protocols essential for network security at each OSI model layer.

Room Prerequisites

Understanding of following topics is recommended before starting the course:

Let’s begin!

Task 2 Application Layer Network Security

Question: What is the default port for HTTPS?
Answer: 443

Question: In a passive FTP connection, what does the client send the first command over the command channel?
Answer: PASV

Question: Use the SSL Shopper website to check the SSL certificate of TryHackMe.
Answer: No Answer Needed

Question: Open the SuperTool website, select the Test Email Server option, and check the SMTP Security for
Answer: No answer needed

Task 3 Application Layer – More Secure Protocol Network Security

Question: What does PGP stand for?
Answer: Pretty Good Privacy

Question: What does GPG stand for ?
Answer: GNU Privacy Guard


Consider the following three clients:

  1. rlogin
  2. telnet
  3. ssh

Provide the number of the client that encrypts the traffic.
Answer: 3

Task 4 Presentation and session layers Network Security

Question: Does the hello message during the SSL handshake include the TLS version (yea/nay)?
Answer: yea

Question: During the client initiation process of SOCKS5, what is the SOCKS version if the client sends the first 5 bytes (0x05)?
Answer: 5

Question: Click the View Site button at the top of the task to launch the static site in split view. What is the flag after completing the exercise?

Network Security Protocols

Task 5 Network Layer

Question: What does ESP stand for?
Answer: Encapsulating Security Payload

Question: Which protocol does the Cisco VPN client use to establish a VPN connection?
Answer: IPsec

Question: Which protocol does the OpenVPN project use for encryption and authentication?
Answer: SSL/TLS

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