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How to use OSRFramework for performing Footprinting

How to use OSRFramework for performing Footprinting

OSRFramework, short for Open Source Intelligence social reconnaissance framework, is a set of libraries for information gathering through open-source intelligence tasks.

It is a GNU AGPLv3 set of libraries developed by i3visio for open-source information-gathering tasks. They include references to a bunch of different applications related to username checking, DNS lookups, information leaks research, deep web search, regular expressions extraction, and many others.

At the same time, using ad-hoc Maltego transforms, OSRFramework provides a way of making these queries graphically as well as several interfaces to interact with, like OSRFConsole or a Web interface.

OSRFramework GitHub page:- homepage

In simple terms, we can say that OSRFramework is a footprinting toolkit for security researchers and professionals. This framework allows security professionals to search and analyze publicly available information to gain insight into active market threats and vulnerabilities.

It will help them to gather intelligence information for identifying security risks, identifying the security posture of a target, and making an accurate decision for enhancing their organization’s security.

Tools that are included in this framework

These are the list of tools that are available in the OSRFramework

  1. alias_generator:- This tool tries to create possible nicknames based on the entered known data about the person
  2. entify:- it is the utility that uses regular expressions to retrieve objects and searches for records of 13 regular expression patterns.
  3. osrfconsole:- it is a console interface for the open sources research framework
  4. phonefy:- it is a tool that checks for spam phone numbers on four platforms
  5. usufy:- this tool will check whether the username exists among about 300 platforms
  6. domainfy:- it is used for checking the existence of domains for 1567 top-level domains
  7. mailfy:- this tool will check whether the email address is valid or not and finds the social media, web services, and websites where the email is leaked
  8. osrframework_server:-this is the web interface for the open sources research framework
  9. searchfy:- searches for the profiles by full names and other information.

How to install OSRFramework in Linux

1. first, open the terminal and switch to superuser by [sudo su]
2. Then enter the command for installing it [pip3 install osrframework]
3. After executing the command, installing will be done sometime

osrframework installation

Let’s use some modules or libraries of this framework. So the first tool of this framework we will use is Domainfy for checking the existing domains using words and nicknames.


It is used for checking the existence of domains that resolve to an IP address by getting input as keywords and nicknames.

1. open the terminal and switch to superuser [sudo su]
2. now enter the command for running the domainfy [domainfy -n (domain-name) -t all], here the target domain is testfire
3. here, -n specifies a keyword or nickname that needs to be checked, and -t specifies a list of top-level domains where the keywords will be searched.

domainfy tool

4. now, the tool will gather all the domains along with their IP addresses related to the target domain. This information will help an attacker further attacks and find vulnerabilities in the subdomains of the target website and launch web application attacks.

domainfy result


This is also a tool from OSRFramework which is used for checking the existence of any profiles using full names and other information.

This tool gathers information from different social networking platforms such as GitHub, Instagram, and keyserverunbuntu.

1. Open the terminal and switch to superuser [sudo su]
2. enter the command for executing the searchfy query [searchfy -q "target profile name"]
3. Here I am targeting Mark Zuckerberg for information gathering on him
4. so my command will be [searchfy -q "mark zuckerberg"]
5. here -q refers to the query or list of queries to be performed

searchfy tool in osrframework

6. Now the searchfy tool will look for the user details on different social networking platforms, and then it will process and provide you the result of the existence of the user.
7. The tool will also give you the profile link that is found during the phase which can be used by the attacker for performing social engineering attacks.

searchfy user profiles results

similarly, like these tools, you can use other tools available in OSRFramework for gathering different information about your target.

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