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What is information Warfare? Explanation and Types

information warfare

Hello everyone lucifer here, to discuss the topic that is information warfare. It is a general term that is used for describing a cyber war condition within the countries.

The term information warfare refers to the way of using information and communication technologies (ICT) for gaining any competitive advantages over an opponent during the war phase between the countries.

Information warfare is used for damaging the opponent country from the inside by spreading wrong information between them for competitive advantage. It is generally used during the war duration for damaging the enemies’ war abilities and tactics.

Objective and example of information warfare

objectives of information warfare

The main objective of information warfare is to decrease the morale of enemies’ minds and that is why it is also called psychological warfare.

The main examples of the weapon used in it included viruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, trap doors, nanomachines and microbes, electronic, electronic jamming, prevention exploits, and tools.

Information warfare typically takes place between counties for decreasing their citizen trust in their politician and decreasing their army morale for better advantages over their defense system and tactics.

This is because when damage someone’s morale from the inside then unknowingly you won the half war against that enemy.

Purpose information warfare

The main purpose of this warfare is to defame the opponent country by the use of information and communication technologies available in that country. This will decrease the morale of the citizen and army of that country which results in winning half war against that country.

This warfare was always helpful for the opponent for gaining many types of competitive advantages over the opponent country by defaming their army and political views.

Sides information warfare

Defensive information warfare

it will refer to all the strategies and action designs to defend any type of attack against information and communication technology assets of any country.

It will contain strategies like:

  1. Prevention
  2. Deterrents
  3. Alerts
  4. Detection
  5. Emergency Preparedness
  6. Response

Offensive information warfare

It will refer to all the attacks involved against the information and communication technology assets of any country.

This will contain strategies like:-

  1. Web application attacks
  2. Web server attacks
  3. Malware attacks
  4. Man-in-the-middle (MITM)attack
  5. System hacking
  6. Spreading wrong information
  7. Manipulating Minds
  8. Manipulating news and spreading it

Categories Information warfare

Martin Libcki, divided information warfare into the following categories

  1. Command and control warfare (C2W)
  2. Intelligence based warfare
  3. Electronic warfare
  4. Psychological warfare
  5. Hacker Warfare
  6. Economy Warfare
  7. Cyber warfare

Command and control warfare (C2W)

C2W warfare is a military concept that is created for taking advantage during the war on the battlefield for disrupting the enemy’s decision-making process and reducing their ability to react with the changing situation.

This can be achieved through the combination of technical mediums and psychological operations designed to show the confusion that creates disinformation or instill doubt in the enemy’s leadership.

In the computer security industry, C2 warfare refers to the impact of an attacker that possesses a compromised system or network that they control.

This C2 warfare concept mainly focuses on denying, disrupting, or destroying an adversary’s ability to effectively command and control their military forces during a combat operation. 

C2W aims to prevent Opponents from effectively coordinating their military, which creates the opponent’s military less effective and more vulnerable to attack. 

Intelligence based warfare

intelligence-based warfare

According to Martin, intelligence-based warfare is the sensor base set technology that involves disrupting the technological systems of the enemies.

warfare is the critical component of cyber deterrence, which is the ability to deter cyber attacks through the use of threats or other measures.  

It can be used for identifying potential attackers and monitoring their activities, and operation before they can perform the attack.

it consists of different things like design, protection, and denial of system, that seeks sufficient knowledge to dominate the battle space in war conditions.

Electronic warfare

according to martin, it uses radio electronic, and cryptographic techniques to decrease the communication technologies between the opponent army.

radio-electronic techniques attack the physical means of sending information through various cryptographic techniques that use bits and bytes to disrupt the means of sending information.

Psychological Warfare

According to Martin, psychological warfare is the technique that is used to spread the wrong information in propaganda between the enemies for degrading their morals. 

The main goal of psychological warfare is raising wrong propaganda and terror statement on the enemy side to demoralize their strength which can result in success in the battle. 

Hacker warfare

According to Martin, the main goal of hacker warfare is to carry out some tasks like system shutdown, data errors, theft of information, theft of service, system monitoring, false messaging, and access to the data.

Hacker warfare can be performed by the hacker with the use of viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, and sniffers to carry out a successful cyber attack.

Economy warfare

According to Martin, he says that economic information warfare can be very dangerous in the business economy or nation’s economy by blocking the flow of information. That results in the degradation of the enemy’s economic conditions. 

This could be especially very devastating to the economy of an individual organization who were doing a lot of business in the digital world. 

Cyber Warfare

According to Martin, cyber warfare is the use of information systems against the virtual personalization of individuals or groups. it is the broadcast of all information warfare.  

cyber warfare includes information terrorism semantic attack (similar to hacker warfare but instead of harming a system it takes over the system while maintaining the perception that it is operating correctly), and simula-warfare (simulated warfare, for example, acquiring weapons for mere demonstration rather than the actual use). 

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