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Vulnerability allows attackers to escalate privileges on Citrix UberAgent

CITRIX privilege escalation vulnerability

An advanced monitoring tool used for enhancing security and performance across Citrix platforms called Citrix uberAgent has been identified as a valid critical vulnerability.

The critical vulnerability flaw comes under CVE-2024-3902 which could be allowing attacker or intruders to escalate their privileges within the system, this vulnerability is creating a significant threat to an organization by using the affected software versions.

this vulnerability is affecting the specific version of Citrix uberagent version before 7.1.2. It arises under certain configurations where the uberAgent is set with specific CitrixADC metrics and a PowerShell-based WmiProvider.

This vulnerability allows an adversary, who is already inside the network, to manipulate the uberAgent’s data collection capabilities to execute commands with elevated privileges.

Configuration which is affected by this flaw

Citrix uberAgent version before 7.1.2

Configurations with at least one CitrixADC_Config entry and one of the following metrics:

  • CitrixADCPerformance
  • CitrixADCvServer
  • CitrixADCGateways
  • CitrixADCInventory

For versions 7.0 to 7.1.1, the WmiProvider must be set to PowerShell with at least one CitrixSession metric configured.

Mitigation process and strategies

The company has sent out a critical alert advising all of its clients utilizing uberAgent versions that are impacted to update to version 7.1.2 or higher right now.

They have also provided interim mitigation steps for organizations that cannot upgrade immediately:

  • Disable all CitrixADC metrics by removing specific timer properties.
  • Change the WmiProvider setting from PowerShell to WMIC or ensure it is not configured.

Until a secure version of the software can be upgraded, these precautions are meant to lower the danger.

The vulnerability’s discovery highlights the difficulties enterprises have protecting intricate IT systems. Because of its comprehensive analytics and monitoring features, which help IT administrators efficiently manage both physical and virtual environments, uberAgent is widely utilized.

The tool offers deep insight into system security and performance by integrating with platforms such as Splunk. This episode, however, makes clear the possible dangers connected to even the most reliable security tools.

It is recommended that organizations assess their existing setups and quickly implement any changes or mitigations to safeguard their IT infrastructure against potential threats.

Citrix’s Response

The company responded quickly to address the vulnerability and assist its clientele following the identification of CVE-2024-3902.

The business has updated its software and collaborates closely with clients to ensure the changes are applied correctly, they also expressed gratitude to the security experts who found the flaw and emphasized the importance of teamwork in security initiatives.

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