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Is learning javascript worth it in 2022

Is learning javascript worth it in 2022

Hi everyone Anukram here! and today we are going to discuss everything you should know before going to learn JavaScript in 2022. Basically, JavaScript is used to define logic in websites. You can develop the website using HTML and implement the design in it by using CSS but for implementing some logic in it, you have you use JavaScript in it.

For many, JavaScript is a dark, enigmatic language that’s difficult to learn. There are those who will tell you it is too hard, and syntax and patterns can seem confusing. Others will say it’s impossible to learn in a single day. But both of these notions couldn’t be further from reality: JavaScript is an essential skill for developers—one that you should know how to use!

This article will show you why learning JavaScript can help you in your career or just help on the weekends when you want to build something new. It will help you become a better JavaScript developer and show you why learning this language is worth your time.

This article will also look at some of the reasons why JavaScript is considered overkill for many development teams, and touch on what you should do instead.

So why should you learn JavaScript? 


I have seen many job postings for JavaScript developers that don’t specify JS requirements. Well, this does not make sense: If a company is looking for a developer who knows JavaScript, it must mean that they need someone who is proficient in this language to implement their system or application. I am sure there are many companies that are looking for someone with an understanding of these concepts, even if they don’t know exactly what.

  • HTML:- It defines the content of your webpages
  • CSS:- It defines the styling in your webpages
  • JavaScript:- It defines the programming logic in your webpages

Javascript is not only for webpages, it was also used for desktop & server programs like MongoDB, CouchDB, and Node.js, etc. JS is used for enhancing user interaction with websites. It is also used for creating a more lively and interactive website for the users. JS is also used for game development and mobile application development.

History of JavaScript

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language, or you can say it as it is the client-side scripting language which is developed by Brendon Eich in 1995. In 1995 JavaScript is known by another name which is Mocha language by its developers. But after some time and many discussions they named it JavaScript.

They give its name from a popular language of the time which is JAVA for marketing purposes and to make it popular, but there is no similarity between them, both JAVA and JavaScript are totally different types of language

JavaScript supports many types of extensions that are (.js), (.mjs), (.cjs).

In 2009, a developer named Ryan Dahl mixed the V8 engine of chrome(JavaScript engine of Chrome browser) with the C++ program. After that, it is possible to run JavaScript outside the browser and client side. This is how Node.js developed and after some, it becomes the most popular runtime of JS. By this most peoples starts using JavaScript outside of a browser. And till 2018, millions of users started using Node.js.

In 2015, an update for javascript is introduced that is ES6, which includes major syntactical changes for JS.

Some of the changes are

es6 javascript
  1. let and const keywords
  2. ES 6 modules
  3. template literals
  4. iterators
  5. python style generators
  6. promises
  7. etc


In the browser, javascript is locked under the console of the browser. In the console, we are able to see javascript errors, warnings, and custom messages.

If you want to print anything in the browser console then see the syntax written below

console.log("Hello, Everyone");

After this console will return the output as Hello, Everyone.

Features of JS

  1. Open source
  2. Lightweight
  3. Creates centric application
  4. platform independent
  5. validates the form data
  6. reduces the server load

Advantages and Disadvantages of JS

JS the traffic of the serverWe can’t use it for networking application
JS is used for performing the operation fast and efficientlyIt didn’t have any multithreading and multiprocessing capabilities
JS is easy to learn and simple to implementIt has security issues being a client-side scripting language
JS pages are executed on the client side and their functionality to the webpages

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