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Write and create your own content with ciphers security

Hello every, this cipherssecurity team! today we are going to know how you can post your own blogs and articles with us on the cipherssecurity website.

So if you want to create your content on ciphers security then you should have to follow some rules and regulations for writing personal articles. No worry these rules are so simple and easy to apply to your articles.

Actually, these rules and regulations are created because of maintaining the content quality and authenticity with other content creators and websites over the internet.


  • The content should be contained more than 1500 words and at least 5 subtopics in it.
  • The article should be 100% plagiarism free. It means your content should not match with any other content over the internet.
  • Copying others’ content and posting it on our website is lead to deleting your article and sometimes account from our site.
  • You can your content quality by seeing its plagiarism reports on different websites.
  • check your content plagiarism with these websites. Website1, Website2.
  • Use only copyright-free images or create your own images from Canva or any other application with your comfortable

Note:- Your every article will not be directly available to the public until any editor or admin verify and confirm the authenticity of your articles.

Revenue:- You’ll get the 60% of ads revenue generated from your article every second month from when it is published. for this you need to mail us your ID and article topic after that you’ll get the money in one week.

If you’ve agreed with all the written above then click the link below and start your journey with us