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What is deep web, dark web and surface web?

deep web surface web dark web
layers of web dark web, deep web, surface web.

Hello everyone lucifer here, and today in this article I am going share my views and study about deep web, dark web, and surface web.

There are 3 types of web available but not for everyone these are available. Almost everyone in this world is able to access the only surface web.

But if everyone is using only the surface web then who is using the deep web or dark web and what is their significance to using them? so as per the record, the dark web was not created it was self-established after the creation of the deep web.

After the creation of the deep web really? as in the early nineties, time US military created the deep web to keep their data safe from the public.

Later on, every government originations, public and private companies, and the hospital started using the deep web for keeping their data safe from public access.

But this thing created anonymity by keeping data safe and inaccessible for hackers and then from here dark web originated.

surface web WWW

The dark web is the small part inside the deep web which is now impossible to control by their originators.

What is Surface web?

The surface web is the portion of your regular use of the worldwide internet (WWW). In this, your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., comes. Your blog website and shopping website are all part of the surface web.

This means the web we are using in everyday life is the portion of the surface web. It also comes under that part which can be easily accessible by anyone on their regular internet or browser.


It has all the websites that are connected to the internet on a particular server that can be accessed by many search engines like google, yahoo, Yandex, etc.

Basically here every available content is indexed by every search engine for better access to the public. It is called surface web because when it comes to the available content over the internet it contains only 4% indexed content from the whole internet.

So that is why it knows as the surface part of the web. which is easily accessible by the public over their internet connection. you don’t need any special permission or authority to browse it.

deep web

What is the Deep web

this contains 99% of data which is uploaded on the internet. It has the sensitive and private data of literally every organization we know in this world. This is because none of the organizations is mad that they will put their customer details on the surface web open for all.

Every organization is so conscious of their and their customer data safety. So this is the main concept of the deep web as per the US military when they created it. The US military created a deep web for keeping their private data so private from the public and other countries.

In simple language, the backend of every tech giant company is stored on the deep web. Which can be accessible by only that company or from an authorized source of that company who is the owner of that data.

deep web private data

here the stored data is not indexed on any search engine because this data is very sensitive for any company and its customer protection.

This is because none of the companies want that their private data will be available over the surface web and normal users can also able to see that data.

In very simple terms we can say that every individual and companies some data which are not indexed on the web, and they are using it for their personal need then data is a part of the deep web.

What is the dark web

dark web

It is the last layer of the internet which is responsible for every crime helping through the internet. It is also part of the deep web, but it is not. This is why because it is the dark and bad side of the deep web.

This data is highly restricted and private by its owner. Even the government can also not able to intercept the data traveling on the dark web.

This is because the data stored and accessible on this web uses an onion routing system which is highly encrypted and travels from node to node over the internet.

Even if you got the URL of any dark web website then also it is nearly impossible to access that website without a TOR browser and valid permission from that website owner or manager.

This web form is created by the US navy for communicating with their spies in other countries and making conversation and data so private and not accessible by any entity.

private data on dark web

But later on, it has grown rapidly, and it becomes impossible to close or control this web creator too.

The dark web is the darkest side of the internet where everyone goes doing crime.

this web is the shopping platform for drugs, trafficking, killing, human skin, and even more bad things that we cannot be able to think of.

There is a place inside this web that knows as the red room over there some people claim that you can go and bet how to kill anyone’s life and just need to bet for some money, and they will kill the victim or do whatever you want to do with the victim over the live cam.

the data over this web is that much secure that even any country cannot be able to access it this is done because of the onion routing system.

Onion Routing

so basically onion routing is a technique for making you anonymous while communicating over the network or internet. In onion routing your communication or we can say that your message over the network is kept inside the layers of multiple encryptions.

Then the encrypted data will be transmitted through a series of network nodes called onion routers. It is called an onion because here each layer peels off with the next node destination of the data.

With this when it reaches the final layer of or we can say that the final node then the decrypted msg arrives at the final destination. But the sender still remains anonymous because each node or onion peels knows only the location of the immediately preceding nodes.

This is why the sender remains anonymous for receivers because if the receiver intercepts the data location then he can only get the last node location of the data. And data is transmitted with multiple nodes and encryption which makes it so anonymous and safe while transmitting over the network.

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