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TryHackMe Walkthrough: Vulnerabilities 101

Cybersecurity is big business in the modern-day world. The hacks that we hear about in newspapers are from exploiting vulnerabilities. In this room, we’re going to explain exactly what a vulnerability is, the types of vulnerabilities and how we can exploit these for success in our penetration testing endeavours.

An enormous part of penetration testing is knowing the skills and resources for whatever situation you face. This room is going to introduce you to some resources that are essential when researching vulnerabilities, specifically, you are going to be introduced to:

  • What vulnerabilities are
  • Why they’re worthy of learning about
  • How are vulnerabilities rated
  • Databases for vulnerability research
  • A showcase of how vulnerability research is used on ACKme’s engagement

Room Link Vulnerabilities 101

Task 2 Introduction to Vulnerabilities

Question: An attacker has been able to upgrade the permissions of their system account from “user” to “administrator”. What type of vulnerability is this?
Answer: operating system

Question: You manage to bypass a login panel using cookies to authenticate. What type of vulnerability is this?
Answer: application logic

Task 3 Scoring Vulnerabilities (CVSS & VPR)

Question: What year was the first iteration of CVSS published?
Answer: 2005

Question: If you wanted to assess vulnerability based on the risk it poses to an organization, what framework would you use?
Note: We are looking for the acronym here.
Answer: VPR

Question: If you wanted to use a framework that was free and open-source, what framework would that be?
Note: We are looking for the acronym here.
Answer: CVSS

Task 4 Vulnerability Databases

Question: Using NVD, how many CVEs were published in July 2021?
Answer: 1554

Question: Who is the author of Exploit-DB?

Task 5 An Example of Finding a Vulnerability

Question: What type of vulnerability did we use to find the name and version of the application in this example?
Answer: version disclosure

Task 6 Showcase: Exploiting Ackme’s Application

Question: Follow along with the showcase of exploiting ACKme’s application to the end to retrieve a flag. What is this flag?

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