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How to install Grecon in Linux

how to install grecon in Linux

Hello everyone today in this article we will discuss how we can install the grecon tool in Linux for website footprinting.

GRecon (Greei-Conn) is a simple Python tool that automates the process of Google-Based Recon AKA Google Dorking The current Version 1.0 Run 7 Search Queries (7 Micro-Plugins) on the specified Target Providing Awesome Results

The current version of Grecon can find information from Google search queries that include:-

  1. Subdomains
  2. Sub-Subdomains
  3. Signup/Login Pages
  4. Dir Listing
  5. Exposed Docs
    • PDF, XLS, Docx, etc
  6. WordPress Entries
  7. Pasting Sites
    • Records in patsebin, Ghostbin, etc

How to install it

1. First, go to the GitHub repo of the tool and copy its repo link from here [Click Here]

grecon GitHub repo

2. Now open your Linux terminal and switch to a superuser account.

sudo superuser linux

3. Now create a directory and clone the GitHub repo over there

grecon repo cloning

4. Now navigate to the tool directory and install the prerequisites required of the tool by the command [pip3 install -r requirements.txt]

grecon requirements.txt

5. Now everything is done, and now you can use the tool by the command [python3]

grecon tool

How to use GRecon for footprinting

1. First we need to set our target, and then it will automatically do everything for us. after running [python3], you just need to type your target and press enter. here I am using as my target domain.

grecon tool target domain

2. Now the tool will find all the related information about your target domain. Information may include domains, subdomains, DIR listing, etc.

grecon tool execution

You will see all the result information gathered by the Grecon tool in the terminal. further you can save this gathered information in a file for further use.

This information may further help an attacker for performing web application attacks on a target domain or website.

This is how you can use the grecon tool for gathering passive information about your target domain and website for understanding their network system.

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