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Cyber Security vs Ethical Hacking: 10 key differences

cyber security vs ethical hacking

Hello guys I am back with the new article on some key differences between cyber security and ethical hacking.

In this article, I will explain what cybersecurity(CS) and ethical hacking(EH) are. What are the key differences between them and who are the security experts and ethical hackers?

I will also provide links to some courses available online that provide complete knowledge about cybersecurity and ethical hacking which helps you to build your career in these fields.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is the practice of protecting our computer systems, mobile devices, networks, data, and any other digital devices from unwanted malicious activities like threats, attacks, hacking, etc. These attacks can perform in the form of viruses, malicious software, malware, etc.

You can protect your digital devices, network, and data from attacks by applying some common measures of cyber security: –

cyber security
  1. Use strong passwords that contain one uppercase, one lowercase character, numbers, and special symbols.
  2. Use two-way authentication.
  3. Install antivirus on your system.
  4. Use a firewall for protecting the network.
  5. Regularly update your system and antivirus software.

You can visit here for gaining more knowledge about cybersecurity and how to build a career in cybersecurity.

Ethical Hacking

ethical hacking

Ethical hacking means gaining unauthorized access to a computer system through an authorized way for checking the loopholes present in that system which can compromise its security and then improve the security for that system.

Ethical hackers are also called white hat hackers. They also use the same methods, tools, methodologies, tricks, and techniques, used by the hackers to attack any system and then provide the security for that loophole through which an attacker or hacker gains unauthorized access to anyone’s system.

You can see this article to get more knowledge about ethical hackers, how they work, and why we need them.

Cyber Security vs Ethical Hacking

Here we will see what the difference between cyber security and ethical hacking is.

cyber security vs ethical hacking

ParametersCyber SecurityEthical Hacking
DefinitionIt is a practice of protecting your digital devices
from unauthorized access.
In this ethical hackers gain unauthorized
access through an authorized way to check the loopholes and provide security.
Working ModeIts main goal is to recognize and resolve security
Its main objective is to bypass the security
measures put in by the cybersecurity experts of any organization.
End GoalIt reports unauthorized usage or violation of security policies.Ethical hackers utilize the weaknesses and then reveal the security flaws.
ReportingThey need highly maintained paperwork than
any document to keep things under control.
They bring out the huge document production
to check the system flaws.
Problem SolvingIt shows that any security flaws can result in
They show how an attacker or hacker
can hack or attack anyone’s system and become successful.
Data AccessCybersecurity experts can gain access to the
system anytime.
Ethical hackers have to search for different ways
through which an attack can gain unauthorized access.
Easier to learnFor becoming a security expert you have to learn strategies, procedures, and tools in depth.As an ethical hacker, you have to think outside the box for breaking into any system.
Client UsageCybersecurity experts show how to employ new techniques and technologies to prevent
Its goal is to reveal the technologies
flaws and suggests ways to strengthen
those flaws.
Production EnvironmentExamining all technologies used for observing violations.Systems should be evaluated by ethical hacking based on the company’s security rules.
Job RolesCybersecurity jobs are SPC engineers, CISOs, security analysts, etc.There are only 2 positions for ethical hackers
that are security managers and vulnerability testers.

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